Sunday, July 13, 2008

Better Avatars!

Better avatars for Cobalt are almost ready! Here is a video showing an early test implementation of a motion-cycle enhanced avatar in Cobalt. Peter Moore has been doing a wonderful job with this and in getting the Ogre3D XML importer to work with models developed in Maya or exported from Blender. That means that we will all soon have at least two art paths for getting avatars and other animated meshes into Cobalt worlds. It'll also be great to finally retire the stilted Alice and Rabbit avatars. This particular video also provides a sneak peak at some of the texture and environmental/directional lighting work that I hope to have make its way into the next update of the Cobalt code-base.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is one hell of a good looking avatar! The movements are impressive. I can't wait to try out Cobal/Croquet. Is there any way to try out the technology?

ikemstar said...

About time, too. The funky Black guy looks great!, lol. It's hard for people to look beyond the surface when all you have is the Alice rabbit.