Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tragedy in the Commons

At sometime during the night of Monday, February 26, 2007 a group of republican Second Life users, some sporting "Bush '08" tags, vandalized the John Edwards Second Life HQ. Though amusing to some, this type of activity underscores the need for secure virtual spaces - not just spaces where anyone, dressed up as anything they wish, can go anywhere and do anything they want. Restrictions based on identity or group affiliation are particularly important for serious simulation-based educational and research environments. Click here for a more detailed view of the damage.


dandellion Kimban said...

Every parcel in SL have options to restrict building and script-running possibilities to other residents and groups. Interesting thing is that this screenshoot shows that this parcel has no-building, no-scripts and no-object-push turned on. I guess that was turned on after the attack.

Personally, I hate places where I cannot rezz and where my scripts are dead, but place like this (political in the middle of campaign and with high possibility of attack) should have them.

Sadly, but this is a security hole called "nobody ever thought about security".

Tim Wang said...

Julian, not sure if you are aware of the Secondlife User Database breach back in September. This is the official post from SL's blog.

What bugs me more is that how easy can the archived chat log on SL being compromised? Considering SL is heavily used on users' leisure time, you would not want the MMOG chat logs being breached.