Sunday, October 07, 2007

Croquet on a Smartboard

The EduSim 3D Smartboard Application is a very cool Croquet-based white board being developed by Rich White of the Greenbush Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center. It's designed to provide educators and students with a way of linking 3D activities across multiple white boards by leveraging many of Croquet's existing capabilities. Greenbush is working to ensure that The Edusim is being developed with resource packs for the K-12 classroom. This is exactly the type of application that Croquet technology was designed to make possible. Kudos to Rich for helping to bring Croquet to the next level. The video says it all.


Lynn V. Marentette said...

Hi. I'm wondering if you know anyone in the Charlotte area who is working with EduSim 3D or Croquet.

Julian Lombardi said...

None that I know of...but Wake Forest and Duke are just up the road!