Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A CIO Insight

Alan Kay was recently interviewed for CIO Insight magazine's Expert Voices feature. In this piece entitled Alan Kay: The PC Must Be Revamped—Now, Alan discusses the mindsets that stand in the way of real innovation - and what his not-for-profit VPRI is doing to address the issue. In the article, Alan defines Croquet as one of those efforts and as "a new way of doing an operating system, or as a layer over TCP/IP that automatically coordinates dynamic objects over the entire Internet in real time. This coordination is done efficiently enough so that people with just their computers, and no other central server, can work in the same virtual shared space in real time."


knave84 said...

Hello! I'm generally very excited by the Croquet platform, but I'm also quite discouraged from the lack of tutorials, forums and mailing lists regarding development issues. You can read my story here: http://akons.blogspot.com/

Any news on when we will have SDK 1.0 ready for download?
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I agree with the last comment - excited by Croquet - but I think we can find a lot of tutorials in english, comparatively to french tutorials !

So, we have to work.
The possibilities of Croquet require translations in many languages
But SDK 1.0 in first ...