Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Working Hedgehog

The upcoming version 1.0 release of Croquet has been code named "Hedgehog". I know that many of you have been waiting for news of its release date. The committee has been working hard to make it publicly available early this year - part of the reason that things have appeared so very quiet on the blogs and user's forum. The silence is the sound of intense work. We (actually mostly Andreas and David) are debugging the code and Mark and I are working with the Wisconsin and Minnesota teams to prepare a download package for eventual publication on the Croquet Project website.

Hedgehog constitutes a major enhancement and, in some cases, reworking of the core system. Important changes have to do with the following concepts:

Islands and their replication
Routers/controllers with time-based replication
Capability facets
Overlay portals
Ghost objects
Incorporation of Tweak
Modifications to the graphics engine
Use of 3.8 Squeak

Many of these new features have already been discussed in papers presented at the OOPSLA 2005 conference. These topics will also be discussed by David Smith and Andreas Raab at the upcoming C5 conference to be held this week at Berkeley. The really good news is that all of these are functioning in the present snapshot. Now its a question of debugging.

I regret that we are unable to announce a precise release date at this time. Nor is the committee able to provide any support for the open source system once it is released (we all have day jobs). That is to be the role of the Croquet Consortium - presently being organized at the C5 meeting in Berkely. The idea behind the consortium is to move the project from a relatively closed group of people developing open source software to a broad based community effort to develop an open source system backed by a not-for-profit community-led organization. This will be a significant and much needed development for the project. That will be the topic of my next post....


nick said...

Thanks for the update.

I have been wondering for a little while when the development process would be opened up. Although it is understood that croquet needs to be bootstrapped to a minimally functional point before more people can start collaborating & writing end-user stuff, without it all being overhauled for the first fully functional release.

Thanks & Good Luck

Baldur Jóhannsson said...

Many thanks for some news on Croquet. One would think, due to the blogs' inactivity, that it had been swapped out of the devs' schedules for good.

Just wondering, does the island's original/master controler's capability facet dictionary have full and non-degraded control over the island's objects?

If you have some minute sample of free time from your generaly busy schedule to answear then you would show us some great kindness by doing so ;-)

Julian Lombardi said...

The statement that the one who created the world is the one who has complete control over it is pretty much true for Croquet worlds (except in the cases when there is a message sequencer(=message router) that is not under the creator's control [see OOPSLA 2005 papers for explanation).

Hmm. said...

Howdy -- apologies for posting here, but the croquet-user list is not open to general public.

I think Croquet is a great environment, but great chunks of 'howto' isn't available... for instance, I still can't figure out how to move new objects in the vertical axis.

I'd like to volunteer to write some docs, perhaps an interactive demo. Is there someone I can talk to?


Aristus -at- google's mail

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