Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Welcome Joshua!

The UW-Madison has added yet another full-time Croquet developer. We are pleased to announce that Joshua Gargus, a highly experienced Squeak developer, will be bringing his deep skills and creativity to the Madison campus beginning May 9th. Joshua comes to us from PlayMotion where he was a lead developer involved in the design and implementation of a framework allowing applications to mix OpenGL and D3D, the developmnt of an OpenAL-based reactive sound engine, a vision re-calibration method for changing lighting conditions, and a unified XML configuration framework for all the company's applications. Prior to joining PlayMotion, Joshua was a research assistant at Georgia Tech where he worked on mo-cap (motion capture) and developed pen-based interfaces for use in animation. Joshua has also served as a contractor for Viewpoints Research where he worked on TrueType rendering of arbitrarily nested equations and developed EToys applications for Alan. We are excited to have a first-rate developer with such creativity and deep squeak experience join the team and contribute to the successful widespread adoption of Croquet. Welcome Joshua!


tao said...

Very cool.
Any chance we could get a roll call on the rest of your team?

josh said...

Thanks for the welcome, Julian.

One correction, I was at Georgia Tech, not Georgia State.

I've started up my own blog, where I'll reflect upon my upcoming work in Wisconsin. Nothing's there yet, but you can read it at:


Volunnteer said...

Any chance a programmer employed in Madison can volunteer to work on this project on my own time ?

Julian Lombardi said...

You betcha. Just email me.